SebaiCMET Joins the World Stage at the World Future Energy Forum


SebaiCMET, Inc. has joined the world stage in Abu Dhabi at the World Future Energy Forum among world leaders and major established companies such a GE, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Keppel as well as new and emerging market leaders in the renewable energy and clean water sector.

SebaiCMET’s global vision is clear. Its strategy is to get on the ground and engage leaders and investors while also exploring potential business-to-business relationships and partnerships.  The company’s investment in technological innovation and research illustrates their deep commitment to push its technology to the forefront of the Marine Hydro Kinetic Energy sector and compete on the world stage. Bolden, says the time is now and the place is Abu Dhabi to make this happen. He is confident that if the right relationships are developed and the right opportunity presents itself, the synergy will perfectly align to produce an outcome that will position SebaiCMET, Inc. to take the next big leap into the Middle East, Gulf Cooperative Council and the Middle East North African Markets, as well as South America and South East Asia. This is doable, Bolden says, with the right partners, proper investment and the core team of original founders and leaders of his company in place, who should doubt him. SebaiCMET, “Catch The Wave!”