SebaiCMET in the News


SebaiCMET’s CEO, Terence L. Bolden quoted in Abu Dhabi at the Power & Water Smart Grid Master Class 2012.
July 2012
When it comes to the dynamic strategic thinking and the geometric approach to implementing & executing the kind of solutions that we were discussing yesterday, it requires a very committed, disciplined and well researched intelligence based planning and…”  {Read More…}

National Geographic Article highlights SebaiCMET’s Product 
Published September 7, 2012

SebaiCMET  wing wave technology is mentioned in a recent National Geographic article about Ocean Energy. The article entitled, “Ocean Energy Teams compete for the $16 Million Saltire Prize in Scotland,” discusses the competition phase of company concepts for the development of viable ocean power system. {Read More…}

Successful Test Demonstrates Power, Promise of Wave Energy Technology
Published July 11, 2011
Wave Energy Device Harnesses the Power of the Ocean to Generate Clean, Green Energy, Bring Jobs, Investment to Florida
After completing another round of successful tests on a new wave energy device, ocean engineers say they have taken a major step forward in the development of renewable and secure wave energy. “These exciting test results. {Read More…}

Wind Waves tap motion Devices work by tapping motion of waves beneath the surface and converting it into mechanical energy
Published December 1, 2010
Two miles offshore of Fort Pierce, Fla., a pair of eight-foot-tall metal wings flap to and from on the seabed, cradled by the ocean’s swells. This is not some underwater performance art. The point of the project is to demonstrate an alternative way to produce electricity that is clean, green and friendly to marine life. {Read More…}

SebaiCMET is Highlighted at the 2010 Entrepreneur Summit in Melbourne
Published October 19, 2010
One of the most forward looking companies was SebiaCMET, Inc., which hopes to generate electricity and desalinate water with a system powered by waves that rests in 30 to 100 feet of water. “They’re very early,” Chadwick said. “But if they are successful, they could have a huge impact.” {Read More…}

Terence Bolden, CEO of SebaiCMET was Quoted on Energy Ocean International Website
October 2010

What Energy Ocean International 2010 Attendees Are Saying:
“This Conference provided us with the perfect opportunity to not only network, but showcase our technology. We made a lasting impression on those who visited our exhibit booth and started developing key relationships with top-level leaders in Government and State regulatory agencies such as; FERC, MMS and DOE. The return on our investment was realized in the first day of the event!””
Terence L. Bolden
Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc.