A look at our early research and a glimpse into our future development plans.



Meet Lee Marcum

Chief Research and Development Officer
SebaiCMET & Clean and Green Enterprises

SebaiCMET’s Research and Development is undergirded by a strong relationship with Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc. The ongoing development of new and innovative uses of emerging and immersive technologies is part of the core strategy to keep SebaiCMET on the leading edge of new frontiers of technological advancements.

Lee Marcum, who is one of the Founders and the Chief Research and Development Officer for both SebaiCMET and Clean and Green Enterprises, says, “that’s why we call it research. You have to keep testing and keep investigating until you prove commercialization beyond the prototype and theoretical”.

Our Past meets the future

The early years of research from 2009-2015 were done in cooperation with Dr. Stephen Wood, of the Florida Institute of Technology Ocean Engineering, B.S. | Florida Tech (fit.edu) and his Ocean Engineering Department along other engineering disciplines at the Institute.

“ Currently tests are being conducted
which would enable the generation,
transmission and distribution energy
without cables for projects requiring
under 10 MW of power.”

Our first open ocean test and other engineering testing proofs of the Wave Wing were conducted with Dr. Wood and his students. We have endured over the years and worked with the Masdar Institute of Technology Masdar Institute Open Day (vfairs.com) co-joint founded by MIT and the University of Connecticut Ocean Energy Department.

We were also awarded a funded project by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Ocean energy (irena.org ;) however, due to circumstances beyond our control, our partner local government was not able to enter into the project as was required and agreed upon. So, we now seek to develop the next level of testing with the Southeast Center of Ocean Energy Testing, Florida Atlantic University and Dr. Manhar Dhanak.


We are excited to also be working with Advanced Magnet Labs AML – AML Superconductivity & Magnetics , who will be helping to develop our final version of our super efficient Magnetic Generator. Our next open ocean test is planned for the fall of 2022 or the spring of 2023 to fully commercialize our systems .

For information concerning our ongoing Research and Development, please contact us at 888-639-9073 or email us at info@sebaicmet.com.

Lee Marcum, Chief R&D Officer