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Cutting-edge research and technology encompassing drones, UV, artificial reality/VR, and cybersecurity.


Emerging Technologies

SebaiCMET and Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc. work together to not just rest on our laurels as a pioneer in the Ocean Energy industry; we push the boundaries of the future. We do this by working with our partners like Space Florida and engaging our University partners like the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, and Florida Atlantic University ( Southeast US Center for Ocean Energy Testing). We also are currently working with Advanced Magnet Labs, located near the Kennedy Space Center, to advance to market one of the most energy-efficient magnetic generators in our industry.

By using the latest forms of integrated solutions to manage programs and projects, we can create and seamless 360 degrees of integration from conceptualization to commercialization of our technology. This ensures that as we go to scale, very little waste and lost time is evident and creates greater economies of scale so our financials support the greatest return on investment possible while pursuing a cutting edge technology such as the Modified Magnetic Wave Generate (MMWG) and the Modified Drinkable Seawater Efficient Energy Technology (MDSWEET).

We now operate in a world of seamless integration of business systems and processes to enable pace and speed of growth to advance technologies at a rapid rate. This means we use the latest and most secure forms of cloud-based solutions to manage every aspect of our workflow and development to get the maximum benefit out of our efforts.


Machine Learning Technology

SebaiCMET thrives on taking that next big step. We have a plan to use drones to make our systems more efficient and effective. By monitoring functions and conditions surrounding the environment of our systems below the ocean’s surface, it will advance our understanding and allow for faster disaster recovery times should something go wrong with the distribution system of either our energy or water solutions.

Drones make things possible today for humans that used to be a distant thought.

Drones make things possible today for humans that so that use to be a distant thought. It is now within reach with the help of Drones to tackle some of the world’s most challenging issues. For example, geologists have to visit the most peculiar and dangerous parts of the earth to do their jobs, Drones make it easier and safer to do so. Sometimes, large organizations like NASA have to rely on satellite footage to know the structure of the earth in certain dangerous areas. With drones, it is now possible to have a much closer look at places that are not easily accessible for human beings. These drones can go into areas that use to be unthinkable. For instance, we can now even dive into the ocean or monitor our ocean habitats remotely, collecting massive amounts of data. SebaiCMET will use every feasible method to deploy Drones to help scale our business opportunities.


Machine Learning Technology


Catalyzing Growth with Artificial Intelligence

What does it mean to really be threatened by hackers and what do you do about it? What is means to businesses is the loss of thousand and either millions or billions of dollars in hard assets and potential future earnings. While the advancements in blockchain, machine learning, virtual reality, and cryptocurrencies are exciting, they all come with threats and risks to security. So, how we protect our investment of time, energy and money are critical when we talk about hyper advancement of technologies that impact our daily lives like energy and water. Each unit also has physical monitors that monitor the ambient marine and surrounding environment to alert, via satellite, any harmful conditions or intrusions to damage the units.

How we protect our investment of time, energy and money is critical when we talk about technologies that impact our daily lives…

Recent hacks and intentional threats to the food supply, energy, and water supply have the world on edge and it should. If we are compromised in our ability to protect the most basic needs in our world from contamination of evil intent, then we cannot ensure human confidence and stability at a level that allows for trust and uninterrupted growth in a fast-approaching post-Covid world.  SebaiCMET utilizes strong Cyber protection methods and measures both internally and with our partners to protect our clients and provide assurance that every level of engagement involving the company has the highest degree of risk management standards in our industry.

What is all the rage about this new and fresh form of invasive human assistance? Alexa should I pursue this project or Siri, call Walter.  Those are simple questions and commands that thousands of tools in the marketplace assist human beings with daily tasks.  However, what about the future?  Well, we think the future is now and as we continue to push the boundaries of human imagination, Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of that.

Simple questions and commands that thousands of tools in the marketplace assist human beings with daily tasks.

While Machine Learning is quite different in function and use than that of Artificial Intelligence, the two clearly are emerging into the marketplace as complementary parts in the new world of virtual interaction and daily workflow processes.  We also know we can use these technologies to help build and grow the SebaiCMET business in a more efficient and effective manner. We plan to show how we can remain true to Environmental Social Governance standards while successfully impacting the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profits.      


Security Essentials


one of the technologies with the highest projected potential for growth

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings. Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with the highest projected potential for growth. According to the latest forecasts from IDC Research (2018), investment in VR and AR will multiply 21-fold over the next four years, reaching 15.5 billion euros by 2022. In addition, both technologies will be key to companies’ digital transformation plans and their spending in this area will exceed that of the consumer sector by 2019. It is, therefore expected that by 2020 over half of the larger European companies will have a VR and RA strategy.

Virtual Reality is no longer science fiction. It is integrated into our present and, in the coming years, it will lead to advances that will shape the future.

Things have changed dramatically during the age of Covid and Virtual Reality (VR) is a part of what we do daily now.  Big changes in the areas of virtual and digital interactions means the market is demanding applications that go beyond leisure, tourism, or marketing and are more affordable for users. Virtual interfaces also need to be improved to avoid defects such as clipping, which makes certain solid objects appear as though they can be passed through. We must also minimize the effects that VR produces in people.  Among those effects ia motion sickness, which consists of a dizziness induced by the mismatch between the movement of our body and what is being seen in the virtual world.