Why does society choose to discuss countless solutions, options and other alternatives to certain issues when death is obvious and eminent- no matter what the cost?  Yet, when it is not so obvious, we tend to shrink from the challenge to rise to the occasion and look for the solutions, options and alternatives which are just as valuable and necessary as a vaccine for Polio or AIDS!

So it is with renewable energy solutions and conservation as well as sustainability initiatives and technological advancements. The time has come for us to stop the madness of ignoring what the environment and ecosystem around us is saying and what should be obvious to every mature adult on the planet. The fact is, we do not have infinite time or resources to stop our fast track towards the self destructive behaviors which, if changed, would cure the ills of the damage we have done to ourselves and those around us.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the nexus and ecosystem of understanding that needs to be developed, shared, and acted upon to preserve, conserve, and sustain human life at its core. I am talking about the destructive methods of behavior driven by greed and commercial gain…no matter the consequences.  Now, I realize that where business needs, desires, ample resources, opportunities, and willingness intersect, there is a requirement for due diligence. This requirement is necessary to determine the value and exchange of value to transact the business at hand. 

How do you calculate value when it comes to counting the cost and value related to implementing clean and renewable energy into the mix of energy portfolios offered by traditional power and energy producers? Is it how many tons of carbon output we can reduce, or how many gallons of clean water we can conserve, or how much we don’t pollute? Is it simply how many kilowatts or megawatt-hours we save or how much more we can produce economically? Maybe the answers and solutions can be found by asking ourselves a simple question: Can we afford NOT to invest in renewables, conservation resources, and planetary biological life forms? The answer is an emphatic NO! Therefore, the goal is to put forward reasonable sustainability measures and efforts to ensure our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have a place they can call home- planet earth.

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