SebaiCMET, Inc, a privately held company was organized in May 2009 to manufacture, distribute  sell and market systems owned and patented by Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc.  The initial research for our energy system was conducted in cooperation with Dr. Stephen Wood and engineering students at the Florida Institute of Technology  That work continues today.  Our renewable energy and alternative water systems provide solutions that protect the environment and increase the bottom line.

Our Participation in Business Incubation Sites

SebaiCMET, Inc. as well as our partner, Clean and Green Enterprises, are currently participating in two business incubation sites.   Innovation Park Technology Incubator, located in Tallahassee Florida is housing the administration offices of SebaiCMET and Technological Research and Development Authority, located in Melbourne, Florida is housing the research and development offices of Clean and Green Enterprises.

Technological Research and Development Authority

Both business incubation sites are dedicated to helping start-up technology companies to grow by bringing together multiple companies from a wide range of technical backgrounds into one central location.  This helps them to grow dynamically with a greater potential for new job and technology creation.  Because of the visibility of both programs both businesses expect to attract local and national investment  and partnership opportunities.

The competition for these programs is fierce and the standards of admission is stringent.  Both Clean and Green Enterprise and SebaiCMET are happy to have met the standards put forward by the programs.

Innovation Park Technology Incubator

According to the Innovation Park website, prospective technology firms wishing to become apart of the incubator program are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The prospect has a capable, motivated and professional entrepreneurship team.
  • The prospect is capable of making a significant and sustained contribution to the region economic growth as indicated by the quality and quantity of jobs created, capital investment, return on investments, market share and creation of regional community wealth.
  • The prospect has access to financial resources to support business operations through first year.
  • The prospect is able to demonstrate a need for being in the incubator environment and the services provided through the incubator partners.
  • The prospect is an existing, legally operating business enterprise.
  • The prospect presents a comprehensive, well-conceived business plan which defines a strategy for realizing high quality growth.